BCLC Members Email Distribution List and FAQ’s

Join our email distribution list!  Hosted through Google Groups, receive timely information about BCLC activities and other cycling related events. Emails also provide up-to-date information about rides, cancellations, etc.

Subscribing to the list:
Upon joining BCLC, you will be asked for your email address and will automatically be subscribed to the email distribution list.
If you are not receiving any emails, or if you wish to add additional email addresses, email   email_distribution@bikebclc.com 

Posting to the list:
To post a message to the list, send your message to bicyclecluboflakecounty@googlegroups.com

List Guidelines: 

  • Members join this list in order to receive information about BCLC activities and other cycling events. Please be sure that your message follows this guideline.
  • Members may post messages about cycling, BCLC activities and other fitness activities.
  • On-topic posts include: information about club rides, bicycling related events, advocacy, sale of your personal bikes and bike accessories (limited to your household property only), other fitness activities that you are leading which have included walking, skiing, stair climbing, etc., BCLC social activities. However, please don’t post about organized events unless you are planning to organize a group activity.
  • Examples of off-topic posts to avoid include: sale of non-cycling related articles, any solicitation for money either for charity or personal gain, virus alerts, religious activities.
  • Should any subscriber repeatedly post off-topic messages, s/he will be placed on restricted status. All posts for these subscribers will require approval prior to posting.

If you have any questions regarding emails, please contact: