The Quick Release – December 2017

MummBlings – By BCLC Club President Dennis Mumm

Since November has arrived it seems like the bike season is beginning to fade away. The temps are much colder, days are shorter, it gets dark so early, and weather seems more windy and rainy. As my Adopt A Highway article mentioned we did see some flakes in the air so we know that that four lettered word (snow) isn’t far off. Earlier in the season the only flakes we see are behind the steering wheel of their cars. So now is the time to assess how you did on your seasonal cycling goals. Here are my results so far.

  1. 4,000 miles                I’m at 3,895 and 8 weeks left
  2. Injury free.                 Besides the normal aging issues I’m surviving.
  3. Drive SAG.                 I had a blast doing this for RAMBLE this year.
  4. Time off bike.             I’ve found some balance but my wife may disagree.
  5. Time w/Loved 1’s      Time with grandkids trumps most everything.

The other thing that happens this time of year is elections. We have a small, dedicated group willing to help the club keep our balance and move forward. Most of our elected positions will not change as everyone but Chris Farrell will return. We will miss Chris and thank him for the four years of service as VP or Ride Guy. During his term he has made great strides to streamline the ride calendar and notifications to members. Chris has found a good replacement in Dan Eschbach to step into his shoes.

The club is much more than the four elected officers. We have many committee positions still to fill. We need some new blood and ideas in these positions. Your voice and opinions are needed and are appreciated. Let me hear yours.

There are plenty of good days for riding left this season. It’s a good time to join our group rides. Remember, whether you are the motorist or cyclist watch out for others. The life you save could be mine.  Remember the “Rules of the Road”. Be cautious & courteous. “Share the Road” goes both ways. Have fun and be safe.

Board Elections
Presented by the Nominating Committee, Laura Partridge, Donald & Sally Mahan

President:                Dennis Mumm has agreed to serve a third year.

Vice President:        Dan Eschbach has agreed to step in for Chris Farrell.

Secretary:                 Debbie Shuppert has agreed to serve a second year.

Treasurer:                Bob Schlumpberger has agreed to serve a third year.

Dennis Mumm is the President of BCLC. He is an avid rider and has ridden 17 RAGRBAI’s. He is the father of 5 and resides in Grayslake with this wife, Debbie. They are proud grandparents to 4 grandchildren.


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