MummBlings – By BCLC Club President Dennis Mumm

I’m getting tired of listening to myself recently. Yes you can join me.

“I’m sick of winter. When will spring arrive?”

We get teased by an occasional warm day only to be followed by snow, sleet and petulance the next. I reviewed my annual mileage recently. I had almost more miles in February than January, March and April combined. Remember those sunny warm days of February? I know that eventually April will give way to May and summer isn’t far away. I remember the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Is that still true if those showers are freezing rain?

To further darken my mood I ended up in the hospital recently,  fortunately not due to a bike accident this time.  As many of you know I suffer from asthma. Attacks can be triggered by many sources but some of mine include, exercise, cold air, dust, grass, trees, mold, smoke and other numerous airborne allergens.

While what caused my most recent attack can never be fully identified, I’m accusing the cold air from this crummy spring. I hope most of you have no idea how an asthma attack feels like, but let me give you a little insight. It begins with a shortness of breath followed by a wheezing, rattling in the lungs. Imagine your lungs in a vise and someone continues to tighten it. Breath comes is short gasps. Speech becomes difficult. Multi-syllable words become impossible to say because you don’t have enough air. Movement is slowed to a crawl as it is too difficult. How do you get relief from this? The medicine is pretty quick working and effective. The difficulty lies in the fact that the medicine needs to be ingested into your lungs. This is extremely hard to do when your breathing is so shallow nothing gets to your lungs. There are constant breathing treatments that will eventually open things up after the previous exhausting ordeal.

In my case, I unfortunately respond enough to treatments in the emergency room so I needed to continue them after being admitted to the hospital. After about six hours in the hospital my lungs cleared allowing me to return home but after only two hours of sleep.   Once home, I realized I was  not ready to lead my Monday Night Ride so many thanks to Dan Eschbach for filling in. Fortunately I did feel up to joining Rich Haas on his “Beer Here” ride on Wednesday. I didn’t have lungs or stamina to hang with the group but it was great to start and finish with them.

I know I’ve said it before, but spring can’t be too far away. Make time to join a group ride or organize and lead one of your own. Remember, whether you are the motorist or cyclist watch out for others. The life you save could be mine.  Remember the “Rules of the Road”. Be cautious & courteous. “Share the Road” goes both ways. Have fun and be safe.

Dennis Mumm is the President of BCLC. He is an avid rider and has ridden 17 RAGRBAI’s. He is the father of 5 and resides in Grayslake with this wife, Debbie. They are proud grandparents to 4 grandchildren.


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