Sunday, June 10, 2018

Become a Ramble Sponsor

The Ramble is a recreational ride that raises money to support bicycling-related causes such as Rails to Trails, League of Illinois Bicyclists, Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin etc. Our sponsors, through donations of cash or in-kind (food, merchandise, services), help us offset the costs of the event.

Our generous sponsors will receive the following:

  • Company name listed on our website, our monthly newsletters as well as Ramble email mailings
  • Company advertised at the Ramble start/finish line in Wilmot, Wisconsin
  • Company advertised at the rest stop in Genoa City, Wisconsin.
  • The sincere thanks of all the members of the Bicycle Club of Lake County!

Sponsorship Tiers  |   (PRINT Sponsorship Form )

A. ❑$100.00 – Listed on BCLC website, Newsletter and Ramble emails*

B. ❑ $200.00 – Same as A. plus two yard signs displayed at Registration and Rest stop*

C. ❑$500.00 – Same as B. plus one Banner displayed at Registration or Rest stop* (BCLC will supply a 3x6 ft banner or sponsor provided)

D.❑Other type of sponsorship – In Kind donations – foodstuffs, anything cycling related.

If you are interested in becoming a 2018 Ramble Sponsor, please fill out the sponsorship form linked above, or reach out to Robin Martin, 2018 Ramble Chair